Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday - we drove more than two hours to the village where the boy's transition home is. Stopped at Alexandria on the way where to of the girls had two go to get their Bulletins, (ID documents).

Joe and Kathi Gomes with the Alexandria Orphanage/School in background.

What can we say....

Kathi and Dennis in the kitchen of the boy's transition home.

"Classroom" in the boy's transition home.

Again words just seem to fail me...

Village farmer with homemade hay rake.

Collectively owned harvester left from the communist era - yes it still runs!

Gypsy "palace" - the whole "gypsy section" of this village has houses like this - some of them run various crime rackets (auto theft etc.) and then show off their wealth with these very poorly constructed homes.

The other side of gypsy life.

Two of the recent graduates from the girl's transition home with their Bulletins. These documents are very hard for orphans to obtain - lots of red tape - but are needed for many aspects of life in Romanian society, getting a steady job being the most important. When they got them the girls said, "Now I exist!"

As a team representing the Clarksburg Community, we helped finance needed items for the girls' new apartment. Including bedding, kitchen items, food, etc. Their faces reflected their great appriciation.


  1. Wow! Variety is indeed the spice of life--looks like you have experienced so much in the past few days: you must feel very 'spicy'! I am loving all the pictures and seeing your happy faces makes my heart so very happy!! You are indeed loved and cherished by me as you support 'my kids'. Continued blessings in the days to come. love you guys, Margie

  2. Thank you so much Margie! Yes we do feel very "spicy" - just when you think you've seen it all, a new "spice" comes along to liven your appetite. We haven't had much time to write a lot but will continue to upload lots of pictures. The team