Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday - Our last day at the orphanage. Lots of sharing, playing and heartfelt goodbyes.

Keith and Goos working on their piggyback skills.  Next they'll be off and running with each other through the meadow of flowers!

Look Mom I've lost some weight and Goos can carry me like a baby.

Mmmm, cheese and chip sandwiches!


Yes, with hair loss like that it's a good thing Keith keeps a hat on most the time.

Showing off the pedicures and manicures.  What lovely nails.

Smile for the camera Joe =)

Jack and the Twins.  They just had to prove that Jack has gained lots of weight while Keith has lost weight, see it takes 2 boys to lift him.

Group Photo - can you name them all?

Please forgive me Pastor Dennis.  Dennis thinks to himself, "Costel has a lot of repenting to do".  In Reality Costel is presenting a cross that was made for the Clarksburg Community Church.  On the cross an inscription reads, "Har Bogat" Rich Grace. The white image represents the shadow of Christ, no longer on the cross.

Happy Birthday Jim Sorrels.  Note: the crossed arms and Jim's Body Language!! He blew and blew and blew the house down. Yep, one more year older.....

"New Team Members" arrive!

Sunday morning, 5:30:
Dennis, Ken, Joe, and Kathi are on the way home - safe travels. Keith and Jack will follow later.

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