Friday, June 11, 2010

On Friday we went to the girl's transition home for a work day doing a number of "odd jobs" that needed doing - fixing, cleaning, etc.  The home now has a new toilet, a repaired foosball table, new clothesline, and is all spruced up for the  camps that will take place over the summer. (This year's transition girls will be graduating and moving out and the home will serve as a summer camp for orphans until next year's transition girls arrive in the fall.)

Jack Broadbent and Dennis Montzingo just laughing at the heat - we wouldn't want you to think we're having any fun.

Five guys with big hearts - and a little sweat. Ken Wilson, Dennis Montzingo, Keith Connor, Joe Gomes, and Jack Broadbent

Joe and Kathy excited about seeing the Girl's Transition House, and then on to the baby hospital for some wonderful hugs, holding, and love!

Keith Connor shopping at the Metro - a Costco like store. It takes a tremendous amount of food and money to keep the H2H Ministries in full operation and team members happy.

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  1. Great looking T-shirts!! I am wearing mine today in celebration of you and your big hearts. Please give everyone some extra loving for me--miss you all! (especially Dennis :) )