Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today we had a great day at one of the orphanages that Heart 2 Heart supports and visits. It was there graduation day before summer vacation - with special presentations given by the kids - dances, skits and awards were given. H2H provided an afternoon carnival for the children to enjoy. Lots of crazy games and happy kids.

Girls doing an "Indian" dance.

Presentaion by the dance class taught by H2H staff.

Ken with "the mouse" in costume for a skit.

Kid with awards.


 Time for lunch, we had the special privilege of eating with the children. (the girl in the had does not need to shave - she's still in makeup from a skit)


  1. What fun you are having--so glad they are having special programs for you to be a part of. I hope you are all keeping journals because I want to hear ALL about it when you get home. hugs to all, Margie

  2. The Indian dance looks like the yoge sunworship position! Love the pool shot!